Proxima Five by Missouri Vaun

Who knew I’d get so into sci-fi novels… but it’s become my new thang.

Leah has woke up on the wrong planet, or so she thinks. She escaped earths pending mass extinction due to the extreme global warming deterioration and was heading to a new planet to create a new colony. Her ship is the only one of ten that was set off course and didn’t arrive at the new planet for mankind. So where is she now? And how long has she been asleep? When she’s captured by raiders and thinks it’s all over, Keegan comes to her rescue. Keegan is tough, strong and resembles some sort of military personnel but when they are alone she’s kind and nurturing. Leah is confused by her feelings and Keegan knows she wants Leah but for a change, she wants more than her body. When they are both threatened by Keegan’s ultimate opponent and Leader of the new world who wants Leah for himself, can they find a way to stop him?

Missouri Vaun just keeps surprising me. One minute she’s writing these beautiful romance novels set in the idyllic countryside and then the next book is set on another planet. I mean the versatility alone needs to be acknowledged. Kudos Missouri Vaun, you’re really knocking them outta the park.

Great premise indeed, especially the global warming aspect… because it’s happening and it’s scary.

I was quite taken with Keegan from the first moment she appeared on the page and her overwhelming need to protect Leah was quite a change from her normal behaviour but there is something between these two from the very beginning. I think what I loved (and it left me feeling empowered) was that both women are strong and independent. I was expecting Leah to need Keegan to protect her and she does to a certain extent but she also protects Keegan in a whole other emotional way.

The sex scenes are extremely steamy and left me a little hot under the collar. I reckon the sexual tension was close to combustible with Leah and Keegan.

The connection between the characters is undeniable and even in the moments they are second guessing their feelings you know this love between them is one of epic proportion. I really want more from them and I’m hoping Missouri Vaun turns this story into a series because it’s has such big potential to be a phenomenal series.

Without a doubt a 5 star novel.


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