Racing Hearts by Dena Blake

In my house we take car racing very seriously… This book was taken in the same light!

Drew is undercover at the nascar competition as a driver. She’s there to investigate the mysterious death of a few drivers, all of whom have been in relationships with one woman, the opposing team technician, Sam! Sam is the prime suspect but the only problem is Drew and Sam spark in a big way romantically and feelings are starting to run deep! Now Drew is out to prove that the murderer can’t be the person she’s falling in love with…

I know this book has had mixed reviews but I really liked it. It could be because car racing is a big deal in our house (my wife & son are obsessed). I probably liked best the angle Dena Blake went with that it was a mixture of Mystery and Romance with the back drop of an exciting sport.

I particularly liked Drew with her sexy rough exterior and soft heart. She was definitely my favourite character and the fact she was a cop… well enough said really! Phew…
Sex scenes are definitely getting hotter and I think this might be the hottest by Dena Blake to date… or was that A Country Girls heart… it’s damn close!

I thought the story was tight and the storyline ran along very nicely. My only issue was I felt Sam could be a bit repetitive in her actions towards Drew when it came to their relationship and it began to grate on me. The pulling back and forth with their feelings just frustrated me because I knew they were destined to be together.

I reckon we’ve got great things ahead with Dena Blake. Watch this space, Readers! 4 books down and going strong.

4 stars


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