Broken Vows by MJ Williamz

I’d be lying if I said this book didn’t have me all excited from the moment I found out MJ was writing a book about a nun falling for a butch contractor. I mean come on… in what world is that not a massive turn on.

Maggie is a nun and clearly a lesbian. She fantasises about one of her parishoners, Alex who is butch and doesn’t like to play fast and hard with her heart. She likes to keep things light with no strings attached but there is something about Maggie that has got her in a tailspin but really, she has no right falling for a nun anyway, right?

The plot of the book is really clever and the knowledge of the church was unbelievable. I grew up catholic and there are things I wasn’t even aware of. The amount of angst given to this book is completely fair because well, she’s breaking her vows at every turn and lying about it.

One of this things I feel is missing from the book is Alex’s point of view as the book is told soley from Maggies. There were times I wondered how Alex was feeling about certain aspects of their relationship and had to wait it out until it was mentioned instead of having access to her inner thoughts.

With all MJ Williamz’ novels there are heaps of smokin’ sex scenes and this book is certainly no different. In fact I’m not sure a chapter went by where these two didn’t get it on. And let me tell you, it was HOT! I don’t think I will ever look at a nun again in the same way.

If you’re looking for something to fall into and enjoy for fun, this is the book for you. It’s not too serious but also has underlying significance to todays world, you should definitely check it out.

4 stars

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