Wait For Me by Susan X Meagher

This is a story about not settling for second best especially when you have the chance with your true soul mate.

Molly has just ended her marriage and is restarting her life. The death of her best friend was a catalyst for many changes in her life, the biggest being that she is not straight. She is now finding herself again and the first thing she does is join a new book club where she meets Alexa.
Alexa is charming with a warm personality and they become fast friends. Molly knows from the beginning that it’s unrequited but when signs show that that might not be the case, she’s ready to jump in with both feet. But as far as Molly knows Alexa is happily married. Nothing can come of this… Can it?

I found this story rather heartbreaking. Like every Susan X Meagher book she really explores her characters in depth but I think with this book the inner turmoil for these two was superbly written.

As the story unfolds you truly are taken into the book and you feel everything the characters are feeling. For me personally, Molly was the star of the book… The inner thoughts and feelings of her unrequited love for Molly was beautiful yet heart wrenching to read.

When these two get together the fireworks are worth the wait. The chemistry is very pure and the feelings they have for each other are all consuming. I really got excited for their life together and knew the book at that point was headed for the happy ever after I had been craving from the very beginning.

I think this may be one of the best Susan X Meagher books to date and I highly recommend it. The happy ever after is worth every ounce of pain these characters go through.

A truly beautiful story, 4.5 stars


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