Paper Love by Jae

As a stationary enthusiast, I knew this book was right up my street.

Anja works for her boss and friend at a local stationary shop in Freiburg. Unfortunately, she isn’t aware the shop is failing and only finds out the truth when her boss’ niece, Susanne arrives to make some very tough decisions about the shop. Anja is instantly attracted to Susanne but isn’t so crazy about how she views the community of Freiburg, as well as the shop itself.

They battle with feelings but the spark is there and they’d be silly to not see what could happen… But Susanne will go back to Berlin and her life soon so is there any point?

The story was solid and I like the idea of them saving this little shop that was always meant to succeed. I really enjoyed Anja’s character and think she was really something special with her naïve ways and bubbly appearance. And when she is with Susanne, the chemistry between them is definitely there.

This is probably not my favourite book of Jae’s and I found I just didn’t connect with the characters like I normally do in Jae’s novels. In saying that, it did still have some beautiful moments and had all the little Jae touches that make it special.

I would however been keen for Jae to write a follow up story on Miriam and Franzi. They were both major highlights for me and their relationship seemed fun and at times, I wished we had more depth into them as characters.

All in all, a nice sweet romance from Jae

3.5 stars


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Paper Love

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