Contract For Love by Alison Grey

I need to say this upfront… I adored this book. Absolutely everything about it, I loved. Fake romance trope is my new favourite.

Madison hires Sherry to be her girlfriend to make sure she gets her inheritance from her grandmother who thinks Madison is nothing but a play and party girl. Sherry agrees as her son needs medical treatment and Madison has vowed to take care of her son, Jake.

I really didn’t like Madison to begin with, I thought she was nothing but a over privileged woman who never grew up but the more I read I realised she was a product of her very bad upbringing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me being sympathetic, it’s reality. Sometimes even the richest of people can be the loneliest and that was Madison. It really bugged me she used Jakes health to get Sherry to go along with her plan but as they spend time together I realised it had to happen this way for them to truly understand each others past and help one another grow.

As they began to fall in love I did too with them both. They really bonded as a couple and I think together were stronger than they were apart, even though it was fake.

I think this book is a really great read and it really struck a chord with me as a mum because I could understand Sherry’s feelings and thoughts often.

I still keep hoping that Alison Grey will extend Hot Line into a novel at some point… I mean the first 3-4 chapters are there already…

But anything else she writes I will definitely read.

Great novel, 5 stars.


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Contract for Love