The Big Uneasy by A.E. Radley

I hadn’t realised how desperate I had been for a sequel to The Road Ahead until I started reading this book.

Arabella and Rebecca from The Road Ahead are travelling to New Orleans. Arabella has well and truly put her relationship with Rebecca in the friend zone and now can’t find a way out of it. She now knows her feelings for Rebecca are deepening each day.
Rebecca’s friend, Jenn lives in NOLA and is unbelievably passionate about her city. When out-of-towner, Kathryn turns up in her bar in nothing but a bad mood and bad attitude about her beloved city, Jen decides to change her mind.

Great book and what looks to be the start of an excellent series. I would advise reading The Road Ahead first.

Main characters Arabella and Rebecca stole the show to be honest. I think I really needed more from them in the previous book and boy did I get more of it in this one. Rebecca is kind and respectful to a fault. She wants to give Arabella space to come to her own conclusion about their relationship but Arabella is just scared and few times I wanted to call her up to say “Hey lady… Get your skates on before you loose her”. But alas, I didn’t need to because by the end A.E. Radley had me swooning, as I knew she would, at the loveliness of these two.

Also there is a scene in this book that I think might be the sexiest scene that A.E. Radley has ever written. As soon as it happens you will know what I am talking about but it definitely left me a little hot under the collar.

As for Kathryn and Jenn’s story… Wow!!! There is a massive twist that in all honesty, I had no idea was coming. It blew me away. I am almost too scared to say anything about these two in case I give the story away. So all I will say is I really hope they are in the next book Amanda writes because I am a little taken with them both and where their relationship could go.

I honestly think this is one of the best books A.E. Radley has written. Story is tight, she gives each character enough page time and the story had just the right amount of twists and turns.

5 stars.

Quote of the book:

“I’m pansexual, but I favour relationships with women”


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