Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

Oh how I love Cops and Docs books, especially ones by KD Williamson.

Becca and Dani were in love but their relationship wasn’t working so Becca ran and spent sometime working out what she wanted from her life. 4 years later she’s back and ready to deal with the fall out and try her hardest to win back Dani but first she has to make Dani see she wasn’t the only one at fault and hopefully love can follow.

I have a little obsession with Cop romances so when I heard KD Williamson was continuing her Cops and Docs series I was elated. Seriously elated!!

I really enjoyed the second chance romance trope in this book. I was pulling for these characters from the get go. I really liked Dani and her character’s insecurities masked as abruptness/ rudeness. She was complex and I really enjoyed watching Becca find ways to break down her walls.

The sex scenes were unbelievably hot and to be honest, a little different to what I’m used to. Let me explain… Both Becca and Dani knew each other intimately because they had been in a relationship before. So I think the first sex scene was almost like what I would call make up sex. Its angry and frustrating but so very hot you can’t help but get hot under the collar.

I would be remise if I didn’t mention the secondary character in the book that all made this story worth so much more. Rick in particular stole my heart a little bit. He was Becca and Dani best friend and ultimately was stuck in the middle but also stuck in the cross fire more than once. He’s a good guy with a big heart and nothing but love for both Dani and Becca. Looking back on the journey of the book I wouldn’t be able to see it flow as good as it did without him. And he is one of many secondary characters that helped to enhance Drawing the Line.

All in all another triumph from KD Williamson and I cannot wait to see what comes next… Oh wait, I know it is another Cops and Docs story. She is publishing a short story about he first two Cops and Docs characters, Kellie and Nora.

5 stars!!!


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