The Sex Therapist Next Door by Meghan O’Brien

Well, now that was something…

Jude has been having fantasies about her next door neighbour since she moved in so when her neighbour, Diana knocks on her door asking her to be a stand in at her Sex workshop for her therapy group, Jude is elated. All she has to do is sit back and endure earth shattering orgasm after orgasm. The only rule is, she must not fall in love… How hard could it be right?

This. Book. Is. Amazing!!! It’s got all the usual Meghan O’Brien naughty bits but she has ramped up the angst and It was the perfect combo.

Firstly, lets talk tropes because this book has everything. Age gap, friends to lovers, boss and employee, a little bit of the ice queen and eroticism… and it’s all fan-bloody-tastic!!!!

Diana has an emotional past, as does Jude but Diana’s is keeping her from finding love and Jude is the biggest temptation ever when it comes to letting her guard down. Jude has been imagining having sex with Diana for a while now so when the object of her affection wants to give her all her fantasies on a silver platter, who wouldn’t jump in with both feet. Problem is, Jude is falling for Diana fast but knows it’s not part of the arrangement which is making her feeling worse. These two are so lovely and deserve each other in so many lovely ways. I just kept wanting more.

I really love how Meghan O’Brien writes such depth and emotion for her characters. I don’t think I have ever read one of her books and not loved the protagonist and the journey they take.

The sex was, as always, off the chart in the hotness department. Meghan O’Brien writes my favourite sex scenes hands down and her level of detail is just amazing. Her sex scenes are so vivid it’s like it’s happening right in front of me.

Again, another erotic masterpiece from the pen of Meghan O’Brien….

5 stars!!

When is the next one due out Meghan????

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