Calendar Girl by Georgia Beers

I loved this book… It was sweet girl meets Ice Queen trope with a side of sexy office romance and boss falls for employee. Perfecto!

Addison is in the running to run her families company Fairchild Enterprises. She lives and breaths her job and has no time for social life. All she wants is to get her place as the head of the company, even If that means ignoring her health. When Addison’s health stops her in her tracks, her mother (and current head of Fairchild Enterprises) demands she get an assistant and a life, Addison has no other option much to her chagrin. In walks the beautiful and intelligent, Kate Cooper. Kate’s life is on hold currently as she helps take care of her ailing father. The job with Addison will help her pay some of the medical bills that are mounting for her mother. But being Addison’s assistant is anything but easy. Addison is stand offish and clearly would do anything but have an assistant however, when they start to work together it’s clear there is an underlying attraction that neither of them expected.

What a great premise and I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Addison figuring each other out. My favourite part of the story was each and every time Kate found a way to impress Addison, thus impressing Addison enough to lower her walls… slightly.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, they were excellent in this book, especially Addisons best friend, Sophie and Kates friend, Samantha. At seperate times during the book I thought these women would make for a good toaster oven romance if Georgia Beers ever decided to work on their stories.

Lastly, I enjoyed how much the back stories of both characters drove their personalities. Kate who is caring and loving, who spends time looking after her dad, she was the perfect person to aide Addison back to health and work after her health issues. They really were perfect for each other and the chemistry in the bedroom was hot!

Great book and as usual, I am excited to see what come next from Georgia Beers.
4.5 stars


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