London Actually by Clare Lydon

Another fantastic addition to the London Series by Clare Lydon.

Clio is finally over the disaster that was her marriage when she meets Becca at a family friends wedding. Becca is smart, feisty and incredibly beautiful with her funky style and fun personality. They share a kiss but Clio thinks Becca is too young so she puts it down to a moment of madness and moves on. That is, until one of her new intern turns out to be… Becca.
They try to hide their growing feelings but it’s undeniable and the sexual chemistry is clear but for Clio, between the age difference and working together, there are just too many reasons for them not to work out.

What a fantastic story. Loved it! If you are a subscriber to my reviews you will know I love work romances but I love Age-gap romances even more.

Becca made me swoon big time. She was amazing and I couldn’t understand how Clio could resist her… like the girl has some serious restraint. The chemistry between these two is evident from the moment they meet. There were moments the tension between both Becca and Clio is so palpable I thought they might combust if they didn’t jump each other. The sex scenes (as with most Clare Lydon books) were extremely hot and left me blushing… I love when authors make me blush.

Best part of any Clare Lydon book, and this book is no acceptation, is the British banter and comedy that is laced all the way through. I can’t wait for the next London book!!

5 stars


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