The Way You Smile by Kiki Archer

You know you are on to a great book when you haven’t stopped laughing from the get go and you’re only a few chapters in.

Camilla has just separated from her husband, has two teen boys at home, has just gone back to work and has been accidentally put in to the wrong role that’s she didn’t apply for… You’d think that was enough excitement! Oh no that’s just the tip of the iceberg… In walks Harriet Pearson, owner of the company that Camilla has just started at and Harriett has her sights on Camilla. But Camilla’s straight… Isn’t she?

British Rom-com at it’s finest. I loved this book and felt connected to it from the outset. I in particular loved Harriet; she’s feisty and has a lust for life whilst also being sensitive and incredibly kind. She knows she wants Camilla from the get go but with Camilla being straight she reluctantly settles for being friends.

The secondary characters, as always were funny while adding an extra layer to the story and thus giving a deeper knowledge of each protagonist.

As I was reading Camilla’s story I thought of all the mums out there who would jump at the chance that Camilla got with Harriet… I am one of them. I’ve said this before and I reckon I’ll say it again, Kiki Archer should be turning her books in to screenplays to make British Lesbian Rom-com. I see Harriet as a hot Kate Beckinsale and Camilla as maybe… Jennifer Connelly meets Rachel Weisz? Anyway, one can have fantasies.

One of the funniest books I have read this year and unquestionably Kiki Archers best to date. This is definitely one for my favourite’s shelf.
5 stars of love and hilarity.

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