Love All by Rachel Spangler

Firstly, and I think most importantly, I want to just say that in my estimation this is the best book Rachel Spangler has written to date.

Sadie has been everything for her daughter, Destiny since the day she was born. Everything Sadie does she does it for Destiny. Destiny is 17 years old and playing professional tennis around the world. She’s not quite at her best yet but working hard to become a professional tennis star. Her coach thinks it would be good for her training, and her wallet, to play doubles with Jay Pierce, Tennis star and well-known figure in the media. Jay wants to stay away from the doubles platform after her disastrous past but she also needs the money to fund her comeback, plus if by playing doubles with Destiny gets her closer to Sadie… No harm right?

I connected with this book in quite a few ways. The biggest is probably with Sadie and the way she feels about her daughter Destiny. It really mirrored my thoughts and feelings as a mum and it made me really relate to Sadie’s thoughts and feelings about almost every issue and every lovely moment she shared with her daughter, Destiny. The second thing that made me really connect was the tennis. I am a massive tennis fan so if you’re going to write a book about any sport and the author picks Tennis, I am going to be there reading it with bells on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too top heavy on the sport but it was enough for me to get my tennis fix.

Rachel Spangler has written an epic tale of two women falling in love while navigating family, old news and the ever-pressing paparazzi and she wrote it all beautifully.

The tension between Sadie and Jay was anything but mild and deliciously sexy. I was engaged in the story from the get go, the twist and turns kept me up all night and I was barracking for Sadie and Jay from the first time they met. Jay in particular is a beautiful soul with a jaded past and she just wants love, while keeping anyone around her from the harm she feels she’s created for herself. By the end of the book I had a solid crush on her and her beautiful soul.

Destiny was another story. She clearly loves her mum and just wants her to get nothing but the best and as I am a daughter of a single mum, I kind of got it. No one is ever going to be good enough and Rachel Spangler wrote that part so well. There were times Destiny frustrated me so much with her games but honestly, by the end of the book she was one of my favourite characters and her part was integral to the story.  Sadie was definitely my favourite character, I just got her and when the book ended she was the character I missed the most.

The heat between Jay and Sadie was combustible and as the tension rose, so did the chemistry. I reckon the chemistry between Jay and Sadie was one of the best I have read recently. It was palpable and honestly, it was a big reason I stayed up through the night to finish it.

Unequivocally 5 stars


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