Unforgettable by Elle Spencer

is made up of two great novellas, Forget Her Not and Forget Her Never.

Forget Her Not was first released as a novella in August 2017 and rereading it now just made me fall in love with it all over again. I’m so happy Elle Spencer re-released this as a double hit with Forget her Never.

Forget Her Not

Loved this story from the very beginning. Samantha King likes her own company and finds one night stands with men whenever she needs the release. That is until she wakes up with a gorgeous woman in her bed and doesn’t remember a thing about it. She brushes it off as a one-time thing but when she can’t move on or stop thinking about the woman, she decides she needs to find out more about this woman and her feelings.

Wow! Fantastic novella that left nothing hanging at the end. Loved the Epilogues and a glimpse into Samantha and Mia’s life. Solid story, one I have read time and time again. This is still my favourite Lesbian Fiction Novella to date.

5 Stars

Forget Her Never

Abby done meets Kendall in a bar one night where she is very chivalrous and sweet. Abby is curious and decides to accept Kendell’s proposal of a date on her fancy boat. They have an amazing time together and Abby can see herself falling for this sweet and amazing women until she finds out she is married… now she can’t get Kendell out of her head or her heart!

This was a beautiful story and I really found myself connecting to the characters, especially Kendell. So many times I thought this would make an amazing full-length novel! I was worried about the cheating but ultimately it was for the greater good and I was okay with it by the end. My heart swelled in the last chapter with so much loveliness.

4.5 Stars
Another triumph from Elle Spencer!

5 stars

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