A Wish Upon A Star by Jeannie Levig

What a lovely and heartwarming story by Jeannie Levig and one I won’t forget anytime soon.

Leslie Raymond has lost everything she loved dearly and is struggling to move past the pain she has felt since the day her family walked out the door. She moves back home to California to live in her parent’s home, which is empty since they passed away. What she doesn’t expect is to meet the most alluring neighbour, Erica with the most adorable little girl. But she has to keep the few rules around her heart which are: no straight women and more importantly, no women with children, but when she develops a friendship with her neighbour, Erica and her young daughter, Siena… all bets are off.

This was a beautiful story of two fiercely independent women with big hearts and a secret weakness for one another. It was great to watch both Erica and Leslie grow together in the story but for me, Siena stole the show. She was spunky and fun. She made Leslie feel part of their family from the very beginning. The story would have been nothing without her in it.

I also really liked the cheeky flirting between Leslie and Erica and it made for some good banter and fun chemistry between the two. Talking of chemistry, it was quite apparent from the get go that Leslie and Erica have it for each other in spades. Add that to the love that is growing between them and it’s a real soul mates story.

For me the epilogue was the real winner. I cried my eyes out. What an amazing way to end a book. Don’t want to say too much but this rounded the whole story off beautifully and didn’t leave me wanting more from the characters or story.

This book had me enthralled from the word go and I actually finished it in one day. I think it is currently fighting for first place with Embracing The Dawn on my Jeannie Levig favourites.

5 stars

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