Friends Without Benefits by Dena Blake

This is the book when the ‘Friends to Lovers’ trope doesn’t work out. When you tell your best friend you are in love with her and she doesn’t return your feelings. This book is real life and I think I loved it more for that.

Dex has been in love with her best friend Grace forever but after Grace gets married she decides it’s time to move on. Grace’s husband, Brent sets up Dex with his best friend, Emma. Emma and Dex hit it off and start falling for one another straight away. They are definitely soul mates but Grace can’t stand the fact she’s loosing Dex’s affections to Emma so easily. Can Grace sabotage something that is meant to be? Or Can Emma hold onto Dex while keeping Grace at arms length?

Without a doubt this is Dena Blake’s best book by far. I think this book has honestly lifted the bar for her other novels. It’s engaging and moves out of a 4 star comfort zone to a blasting 5 star novel.

I really enjoyed Dex and Emma whenever they were alone. They had this beautiful chemistry and soul mate quality from the beginning, Every time Grace showed up so did my anger for her character (her husband isn’t far behind in the annoyance category either), as she just created havoc and her jealousy made her a very unattractive character.

The story line in Friends Without Benefits is real life and the characters weren’t perfect but I think it’s why I connected to it so well.  Especially Emma, I think she was something really special and when I read the book a second time before reviewing, I think I ended up having a little crush on her.

Great story with a fantastic epilogue… Did I mention I love a good Epilogue? Because I really do!

5 stars!!!


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