More Than Words by Harper Bliss

Katherine Jones has just given up her job as an escort/ high-end female sex worker to open up her very own Pink Bean coffee shop with her best friend, Rocco. Katherine isn’t ashamed of her job and rightly so, so why does Rocco’s hot aunt, Hera have an issue with it and why is Katherine so attracted to her, especially with the clear distain for Katherine due to her last job. But with so much attraction between these two can Hera find a way to be open minded about Katherine? And not see her as just her ex job?

I love Katherine from previous books in the Pink Bean series so when she was put into the limelight in this novel I was more than a little excited. And Harper Bliss wrote her in perfectly. I love Katherine’s Sass and enthusiasm for life and it made me love her even more. She is definitely a favourite of mine throughout the entire series. Hera was the opposite of Katherine in every way and boy do these opposites attract. It took me a little while to warm up to Hera but that was probably more due to the fact that I support Sex work as a right woman have, so when she was pushing against it she put my hackles up a bit. But by the end I was really taken with her and her smarts. 

I did however think that the change in Hera’s view of Katherine maybe happened too quick for me to believe it was real. And I found the ending was too abrupt and I’m secretly hoping that, maybe like Caitlyn and Jo’s characters, Hera and Katherine will get two books to cover their romance. That would drastically change my comment about how the book ended. I was also hoping for some spice from Katherine’s sex scenes in regards to the way she was in ‘Love Without Limits’ and I understand why it didn’t happen that way but if there was a second book I reckon it would amp up the volume. 

Book number nine in the Pink Bean Series and going strong. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next from this series and Harper Bliss.

3.5 Stars

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  1. So I was little surprised to see you give it a 3.5. But reading the full review I think it was your issue with Hera’s change of attitude to Katherine that had it marked down. I think she was only using that as an excuse for her own sexual hangups and coming to terms with her grieving. So that as she got to know Katherine she realised she was ready to move on. She had a break through in her therapy.

    As to the abrupt ending……well, I think if Harper had continued it , the book would have had to have been rather long to untangle Hera’s sexual problems. So I too think that Harper will continue the story,as secondary characters perhaps in the next in the series.

    She has promised longer books but less of them. I will enjoy any way they come.

    1. Thanks Sophie for your comment.

      I did speak at length with the author before publishing the review and as usual my reviews can change when books are added to the series. At the end of the day it’s just my opinion but I appreciate your points and will take them on board when I reread the book again. (Probably next month) I have been known to change reviews if I feel there is a need.

      Thanks again.