Life in Bits by Harper Bliss & T.B. Markinson

What a fantastic Christmas story!

Eileen’s life has changed dramatically after a health implication lands her in recovery and back in her hometown near her family… Not exactly her dream scenario. When home, she meets Naomi who is not only gorgeous but young with a positive attitude and a beautiful caring soul that Eileen can’t help but be drawn too. After fighting off the attraction she realises that what she really needs is to embrace her feelings for Naomi and live her best life.

Firstly, I wanted to say that I have read lots of books written with multiple authors that this one was definitely a favourite, I’m not sure how the writing was strategised but it flowed perfectly and I honestly couldn’t guess who was writing what at any given moment. The book was truly a success.

Oh, I loved this story. Not only was it right up my street with the age-gap romance trope but also both authors really portrayed Naomi and Eileen’s personalities perfectly. The chemistry between them was great and I could feel the tension and attraction from the first moment they met.

My favourite character was definitely Naomi. How could anyone not love her zest for life? Or her unbelievably beautiful view on life? She was amazing and I think if I was Eileen I would struggle not to fall for her pretty quickly too.

Well done Harper Bliss and T.B Markinson, this is a fantastic Christmas story that will be on my reread list every Christmas!

5 stars


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