Passionate Rivals by Radclyffe

I was so excited to read this book as I’ve followed the PMC Hospital Series from the moment I read Fated Love. I love Quinn and Honor (Fated Love) so to know I would get another book with them in the story had me reading this book the moment it hit my kindle.

As well as an update on all the loveliness that is Honor and Quinn, the plot centres around two new characters, Emmett and Sydney. Emmett and Sydney meet again under unexpected circumstances and are pitted against each other for the role of Chief resident in PMC Hospital. The problem is that the attraction they feel to one another is still strong… Can they work together/ against each other when their feelings are still so strong?

This book is definitely more a of slow burn for most of the book and then it really speeds up from 75% in which really finished the book nicely for me.

I adore how after four books in the series Honor and Quinn are just as much in love if not more than in Fated Love. There is something about those two (and also Tori and Reese from Ptown series) that makes me measure all of Radclyffe’s protagonists against them. So to see them still as madly in love made me incredibly happy.

Sydney and Emmett’s back-story intrigued me from the beginning, how did they know each other? Were they lovers? Or was it a fling?

The more we got to know them the more I couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten serious the first time they met but Sydney’s story develops into all the reasons why and I have to say, it was an interesting twist in their story.

I saw a lot of Quinn in Emmett and I think that’s what made her my favourite character in this book. She was really something special and characters like her are one of the many reasons I keep returning to reread Radclyffe’s books.

The secondary characters in the book really made for some interesting moments and I really hope they are continued into this new phase of the PMC romance series. Especially Dani and Zoey, who I really hope Radclyffe writes a story around as I reckon them as a couple could be explosive on the page.

One of my issues was the cover of the book. I’m not a fan of people on the front covers of books because I like to have an image in my mind of what I think the character looks like and I can never really do that when there is quite a defined picture of the protagonists on the front. It’s a personal thing though but I wanted to mention it as it throws me a bit off.

Not my favourite from Radclyffe but another great hospital romance I’ll read again.

4 stars

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