Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

Valerie had a horrendous childhood growing up in the foster system but her life is on track now. She’s a children’s librarian and loves her job working with the children so she has decided to foster kids to right the wrongs she felt as a child. When beginning her induction course in fostering she meets one of the coaches, Paige. Paige and Valerie have electric chemistry but when she meets the two young children she will be fostering and realises that Paige is her caseworker, they have to put their attraction on the back burner and concentrate on the kids… But that doesn’t mean they find being in close proximity hard, especially when they are perfect for one another.

This book broke my heart a little, I don’t think I have cried and/or got the feels that much in a while from a storyline. It may be that I’m a mum or I’ve worked with vulnerable children but I was so effected by this story.

This book is fast paced and moved at the speed that I felt matched the growth of the protagonist’s journey. Don’t get me wrong, the characters’ relationship happens on a slower stride but the story itself moves along nicely. There wasn’t a moment in this book were I thought Valerie and Paige wouldn’t get together as it’s obvious from the beginning they are soul mates and their romance isn’t the focal point until the last 25% of the book.

Valerie couldn’t be a better candidate for fostering children. She’s an amazing human being with a big heart and lots of love to give to any child. So watching her with her foster kids, Lily and Ian was beautiful especially as she began to really bond with them. I would actually say the kids stole the show and made the book something really wonderful.

Paige was another beautiful soul and she really was the best person to support Valerie through her time going into fostering. She’s so sweet and has an adoptive daughter herself that came through the foster system so she understands and really allows Valerie to lean on her in all the hard times.

What a book! I cried continuously from the last two chapters through to the end of the most beautiful epilogue.

I really can’t wait to see what’s next from Erin McKenzie.
5 stars


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