Breaking Character by Lee Winter

What a fantastic novel. I felt a little book drunk after reading it. Like, how could I choose what book follows that?

Elizabeth Thornton is most hated villain on American Medical TV Drama, Choosing Hope. But her character’s demeanour on the show has begun to be all that the public see of her outside it, a villain.  She just needs to get to the end of the season then she can pursue bigger and better roles. In walks fellow actress Summer and she is everything her name implies, bright, cheerful and stunningly beautiful. When a clumsy stumble puts Elizabeth and Summer in the spotlight, their world begins to change. Especially when the director wants to hire Elizabeth as his lead actress for his latest upcoming movie, but only if she brings along her girlfriend Summer to the meeting. Elizabeth’s well-constructed closet starts fail as she is forced into the open but she really wants that part. Can she convince Summer to play her girlfriend until she secures the part? And not fall for Summer’s charms in the process? All the while keeping the public from learning about her sexuality?

There are so many tropes in this book you could easily loose count but the ones that intrigued me the most were, fauxmance, ice queen, age-gap and Hollywood romance. All the tropes that I simply love and look out for, so I knew this book was going to blow my mind. The Ice Queen trope was one with a twist though because as much as Elizabeth to the outside world had a cold demeanour, it couldn’t be further from the truth, behind closed doors and with friends she was relaxed, charming, fun and very likeable. I was crushing on her hard.

Summer is just delightful. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is probably one of the most caring and loveable characters I have ever read. There were moments I couldn’t understand how Elizabeth could hold back from falling for her completely. I wanted to make her my friend after the first chapter.

I really enjoyed the moments of realisation for Elizabeth about her feelings for Summer or other aspects of her closeted life. It was like a wall came down every time and we saw how amazing she was. In turn, her friends were also amazing and stole my heart on more than one occasion, especially Alex. I really hope Lee Winter writes her story at some point as I was really taken with her character.

This is without a doubt one of the best novels to come out of Lesbian fiction in 2018. It’s wonderful… really. The chemistry between the characters was oozing off the page, the characters were easy to like from the get go and the whole premise gave me the feels.

Unequivocally 5 stars.


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