I’m Gonna Make You Love Me by Tracey Richardson

What a fun story with lots of fantastic music to read along to.

When Clare Melbourne fires her intern, Ellie Kirkland reckons she’ll never see her again. But when a naughty little dog escapes home and is found by Clare, she doesn’t expect to find the owner to be Ellie. Putting their conflict aside they bond over Motown music, Ellie’s little dog and Clare’s beauty of a car… really, it’s a beauty. But Claire worries the age difference is a big reason from them to not be together. Ellie just needs to make her change her mind.

One of my favourite tropes is age-gap romance and this did not disappoint; I really enjoyed this unraveling of the romance. The pace was perfect and I hadn’t realized I had read so long until I had finished the book in one sitting.

It was easy to like both characters and the chemistry for both Ellie and Clare was there from the moment Clare returns Ellie’s pup home. This story had happily ever after written all over it from that moment on.

I really liked the side story of Ellie’s sister and I would find it interesting if there became a follow up story with her in it. I actually almost messaged the author to see if this was the plan because it just felt so right for her story to continue.

My only complaint would be the moments with Ellie’s parents and all the issues that came with them. I almost wanted to jump their sections but alas, it all turned out well.

Another fun story from Tracey Richardson, really looking forward to what’s coming next… Please be a follow up to I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. I have been singing the Motown songs from the book for days afterwards.

4 stars


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