Royal Court by Jenny Frame

A truly romantic and thoroughly satisfying story about finding yourself when you find your soul mate…

This story is about two women from very different worlds that are complete opposites but somehow they work beautifully together and have explosive chemistry.

The Royal dresser to the Queen’s Consort, Holly is the life and soul of every party. She’s fun to be around and the men she dates are for amusement more than love. She tells her friends she’s straight but has girl crushes on a famous butch actress and one of the Queen’s friends, Captain Quincy. Let’s just say she’s a little mixed up about her sexuality but then again, who isn’t?

When Captain Quincy is hired to be the Queen’s Consort security detail, Holly realises that she’s not the stud she thought she was. She’s more uptight, constantly in a sour mood and doesn’t seem to like Holly at all. But as they spend more time together and Quincy lets her guard down, Holly begins to see the real Quincy, but why does Quincy keep holding her at arms length?

This is the third book in the Royal Romance Series by Jenny Frame and I think this one is my new favourite in the series. I loved Holly from the first book  A Royal Romance. She’s fun, caring, put her friends happiness above all and a bit of a go-getter. She’s truly amazing and has an infectious personality. Quincy however is strong, brooding, quiet and incredible loyal. The one thing both women have in common is they are both fiercely protective of the people they love.

Quincy had a hard few years in the Royal Marines and it’s made her unsure of herself. The moments she’s thinking about Holly in her head are so different to when they are together in the beginning and Quincy’s walls go back up. But it’s nice to see Holly break them down one at a time. Holly’s frustration with Quincy is warranted and at times I wanted to shake Quincy and say “Dude, get with the program! This woman is all in for you here” but alas, books don’t listen to their readers.

The sex scenes in this book are hot which honestly, I kind of knew they would be because Jenny Frame writes epic sex scenes while holding on to the intimacy in the moment. She really has a skill for it.

All I can say is I hope this is not the last book in the series. And I also really hope that we get a short story or a novella of how secondary characters Cameron and Lali got together because those two are just adorable.

Royal Court is such a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a butch/femme romance that packs a punch.

4.5 stars


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