Music City Dreamers by Robyn Nyx

I have been waiting for this book patiently since the teaser was posted on social media last year. I love country music, big fan of anything Nashville and when mixing them with a lesbian fiction romance I knew I was going to be on board straight away.

The story begins with Louie working hard to make enough money to get to Nashville where she is certain her dream can come true. Heather is already in Nashville and while she failed at her attempt at being a country music star she is excelling in her job of finding the next big talent while she works for a prestigious music label. Heather’s main goal now is to make enough money so she can start her own label and finally come out the closet. When she meets Louie, all bet’s are off and she can’t help but want to break her celibacy to find out what there is between them but Louie is firmly out of the closet and has no intention of going back in. How can it possibly work? Especially when they now need to work together.

Firstly I want to mention this is the first book I have read by Robyn Nyx and what a way to start. I really enjoyed the slow pace of the book and while it could be considered a slow burn (and it was in many ways), the characters feelings for each other were evident from the moment they met. There was no uncertainty from either Heather or Louie, they both knew they wanted each other but it was the outside world that was the issue.

Heather was a great protagonist to get to know. She was so sure of her path and how she had to make her dream of having her own label that she never anticipated her feelings for Louie and that they could make her question everything. Her closeted sexuality was understandable in the world she worked and the city she lived. It actually made me sad and wonder how many of my favourite country stars might be hiding in the closet.

Louie was just the epitome of sexy. She’s butch, handsome, strong while sensitive, passionate but respectful and honestly, she is just amazing and everything that makes my heart go weak. The fact she writes country songs just made me fall even harder. Wow!

The chemistry between them both is so charged that at times it seeped from the page. There was a moment outside the BlueBird Café (Famous Nashville spot) where the tension and lust was so evident that it gave me chills.

The secondary characters in this book help to make it something really special. Gabe, Louie’s best friend and roommate stole my heart and I loved that he got so much page time. He reminded me so much of my best friend that I wanted to cuddle him so much. Other secondary characters included the country superstar, Savana and while she is a force to be reckoned with, she left me wondering what her story was for the future…

My only issue was that I felt the book ended a little too quickly and I really feel it needed an epilogue which would have definitely rounded it up to the 5 stars. However in saying this, if the book turns into a series, or gets a sequel then I will most definitely be changing to 5 stars.

This has definitely put Robyn Nyx on ‘one to watch’ list and I’ve already started eyeing up her back catalogue.

4 Stars


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