Emily’s Art and Soul by Joy Argento

This was such a sweet book.

Emily and her sister, Mindy have just moved to town after the death of their mother. Mindy has Down Syndrome and when her father is too distraught by his grief to look after her, she moves in with Emily. Emily has recently divorced her husband and is looking forward to her new life with a new job in a new town. When she starts work she meets fellow teacher Andi who she brefriends straight away. After learning that Andi is gay it pikes her interest and she begins to realise she might have been in denial about her sexuality. But can she ruin an amazing friendship at the possibility Andi feels the same?

Great story that would be perfect as a holiday read. The plot was fun and the pace really good.  The protagonists were enjoyable and Emily’s character was well fleshed out. I did feel that Andi’s point of view lacked quite significantly and I would have enjoyed her page time more if I understood her better.

The storyline itself follows the friends to lovers and the work romance trope and I really enjoyed the way the author dealt with both these scenarios. Both tropes worked well together and gave more opportunities to learn about the characters lives and back story.

Lastly, I enjoyed the epilogue however, I would have preferred it as a last chapter with an epilogue after set further in the future.

This is the first book I’ve read by Joy Argento and it won’t be the last. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

3.5 stars


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