Perfect Partners by Maggie Cummings

Absolutely Fantastic!!! This book was just one massive swoon for me!

Sara’s whole life is training police service dogs and their human partners. She is the best and her job is everything to her. When she meets new recruit, Izzy she doesn’t expect to feel so drawn to her. Granted, Izzy is incredible in most every way, except she’s a cop and Sara doesn’t date cops and especially not cops that are her students… too dangerous in too many ways! But why can’t she get Izzy off her mind? And it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

I actually adored this book! I finished it in one sitting then started it again from scratch. Completely a book made for me in regards to plot, characters and just the overall romance… ahhh swoon!

Who knew my perfect protagonist was a femme cop called Izzy! Izzy is the embodiment of one major swoon. She’s gorgeous, loquacious, incredibly sweet but fierce and courageous! She’s got the cop thing going for her (I’ve sooo got a thing for cops) and on top of that she is great with her service dog, Chase! I’m telling you, this girl has it all! I could see why Sara found her the ultimate temptation.

Sara was so very lovely too (although honestly Izzy was my favourite) and incredibly genuine. I reckon if anyone deserves to find her soulmate and be blissfully happy, it’s Sara. The more intimate moments and the sex scenes were beautifully written and really connected the characters well.

Maggie Cummings goes from strength to strength and still ranks as one of my favourite authors. Her books are just plain fun and I get so much enjoyment out of just kicking back and relaxing with her stories.

Keep em’ Cummings… 5 stars!


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