The Keepers Daughter by Susan X. Meagher

Well, let me just say this book is fantastic and I was so incredibly excited to get my hands on it to read and review. It really played homage to Scotland and made me get lost in the feeling of home for a while.

When Gillian is close to burning out in her job, she decides it time for a recharge. She makes plans to visit Scotland and when there meets tour guide, Torie. They become fast friends and Gillian hires Torie to show her around Scotland. They slowly fall for each other behind the backdrop of the Scottish highlands. But with Gillian’s life in America and Torie’s in Scotland, how can it possibly work?

I adored this story. Everything about it hit home (literally) for me. The way Susan X Meagher describes Scotland in all its vibrancy was on point and if more people don’t visit my homeland after reading this book, I will be shocked. I also felt like I was travelling around with Torie and Gillian with the in depth descriptions that the author portrayed.

I love Gillian’s character most. She just oozes charisma and I think I was drawn to her personality from the beginning. Torie just felt like a friend next door. She reminded me of so many people all meshed into one so much so, that she is probably one of the clearer characters I have ever had in my imagination. I just felt like I knew her.

The chemistry between Gillian’s and Torie’s characters is beautiful, while being very passionate. The moments they are not in the same country really made me feel for them both and what they were missing out on with one another.

I’d love to see Gillian and Torie again as a cameo in another book or a sequel. I really did fall for them as a couple and couldn’t get enough.

Fantastic story and definitely one of my new favourite from Susan X. Meagher.
5 Stars!


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