Full English by Rachel Spangler

A beautiful love story that reaffirmed my love in this genre.

Famous novelist, Emma Volant Is running from a broken heart and a messy divorce. She lands in a little village in England where she plans to hide and heal. But the community around don’t allow her to hide and graciously welcome her in ways she isn’t always sure she’ll enjoy. Through this, she meets jack of all trades, Brogan and they begin an easy friendship. But when feelings of a more than friendship surface, Emma doesn’t trust she’s over her traumatic divorce but she does know she’s never felt like this before… can you fall in love while fixing your broken heart?

The first chapter drew me in completely. I was thoroughly intrigued by Emma’s presence in the village. Why was she there? What had happened? Who had broken this woman? And with every chapter the story drew me in more and I became completely entranced by the storyline.

This book is a very slow burn but beautiful in the fact that it is. No one’s in a rush here so you can enjoy the ride of two people who are genuinely meant to be together falling in love. I think if the protagonists had rushed into things at any point it would have ruined the story and the friendship the author built for these two first was just a strong foundation of what turns out to be an all-encompassing love. It was really beautiful to watch it all unfold.

Brogan for me was just perfect but more so perfect for Emma. They complimented each other beautifully. There is a scene in chapter 15 where Emma is sternly talking to some of the villagers and it was such an emotional moment and I had not released I was crying until I finished the chapter. The moment just pulled on every heart string I have and I was so immersed in the moment I hadn’t realised I was also part of the emotion.

As said this is a slow burn but when Brogan and Emma finally give into their chemistry it’s explosive! It was probably one of the sexiest while incredible intimate sex scenes I’ve ever read.  It was not only perfect for these protagonists but perfect for this reader.

I can’t close off this review without mentioning secondary character, Lady Victoria. And absolutely begging Rachel Spangler to write her story into a romance novel because I can’t get her out of my head. She deserves a happy ever after… pretty please?

5 stars


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