Wooing the Farmer by Jenny Frame

This book, like all of Jenny Frames are just one major swoon. I think I lust after most butch protagonists she writes but Sam McQuade was something special.

Sam McQuade is handsome, sweet and an all together good person. All she wants is to meet the woman that she can adore, who will enjoy being a farmers wife in the small village of Axedale. When Penelope comes racing into town with her personal brand, abundance of social media followers and famous cooking blog, she is a force to be reckoned with. Sam and Penelope connect straight away but something is holding Penelope back and it just seems to intrigue sexy Sam more. As she slowly lets Sam in behind her walls, Penelope discovers that Sam might be the only one for her.

I absolutely adored this book. Once again, Jenny Frame just hits the spot for me with her butch/femme trope. I loved the old fashioned idea of Sam courting Penny while secretly Penny is trying to woo Sam, it just made gave all the feels. The intricacies of their relationship are quite different to those of the other characters in the Axedale series and it just made them more unique and me more intrigued with every chapter.

When Penelope comes to town I got the impression she was a little stuck up and spoilt but as Jenny Frame avails facets of her personality, I really began to see what a beautiful person she is and that she hides her true self almost as protection. It’s almost a given that Sam and Penelope are attracted to one another but it’s Penny’s honesty that made me realise how special she was and why she and Sam need to take things slow… you’ll realise what I mean more when you read the book but there is more to Penny’s story than meets the eye.

What’s great about a series like this is that we get to catch up with old friends from the last two books and it’s really great to do so. When I started this novel I really hoped Sam and Penelope’s storyline wasn’t going to be the last in the series but in the very last scene in this book, Harry and Annie (from Courting the Countess book) are chatting and their closing statement (or play on words) made me feel that this may not be the end… I’m incredibly hopeful.

5 stars


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