The Do-Over by Georgia Beers

This book is definitely one of my favourite from Georgia Beers.

Easton has to go to a conflict resolution class for work and when she meets her teacher she is immediately in awe. Bella is gorgeous and everything Easton wants but on the flip side Bella is shocked by Easton’s presence. Easton was Bella’s high school crush and also one of the cool kids that contributed to her bullying! But Bella still has feelings for Easton and Easton clearly doesn’t recognise her so what’s the harm in getting to know her again!

I’m not even kidding when I say I was onboard with the storyline from the beginning. I had butterflies during the first and second date with these two! I was way more invested in this romance/relationship I think than ever before.

Great character development. Especially Bella differing in some of her personality now compared to high school and her shyness. It was incredibly exciting to watch the moments where as a woman she had confidence to say and feel what she wanted. It was really validating for this reader anyway!

The flashbacks to school fed the story well and the situation of the past was at the forefront of my mind which was good because these characters had a way of holding my attention with their loving gazes and astounding chemistry so to have a bit of context from the past was really good.

I loved that Easton was still friends with her ex husband and they worked as a team for their daughter, Emma. It was really endearing and nice not to have the ex husband be the bad guy but be the supportive friend.

The sex scenes were good and while being passionate, were still extremely intimate. As always, great kissing scenes from Georgia Beers. She does write the best kisses after all.

My only negative is the lack of an epilogue. I would have really liked one to tie everything together especially with Easton’s daughter, Emma and then being a family and also in general to close off Easton and Bella’s story into the future.

Such a beautiful story that honestly left me a bit book drunk! I’m already planning my re-read.

4.5 stars


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