Hooked On You by Jenn Matthews

Ollie’s army career is over when she gets injured on tour. After an indiscretion during her time in the army, her family have all but disowned her and all she has left is her best friend Matthew and her Craft store. During her weekly crochet class that she teaches, she meets Anna, a new student. Anna’s life is in a never ending routine of kids, boring boyfriends and too much work. She needs to find a new hobby that’s just hers so when she starts crochet class and meets Ollie, her world is turned on its head. These two become fast friends but it’s clear something deeper is at play.

Well done to Jenn Matthews as this is an extremely well written book for a debut novel. The pacing and character development is depicted perfectly throughout.

Hooked on You was a very sweet and lovely story about finding yourself later in life. I really like Ollie and found her incredibly endearing and sweet. I also liked the idea of Anna being so forthcoming about her feelings for Ollie and not getting bogged down by the idea of coming out but more about finding another facet to herself.

The love that builds between both Anna and Ollie was really beautiful and quite the easy going love that that I was looking for. No real angst, just a story about falling in love.

The crochet sections with the class I found tough at times but I think it may have been more to do with the fact that I am not interested in the hobby.

The last chapter that I reckon was more of an epilogue than a final chapter was good and rounded everything up nicely.

All in all, a good first novel.
4 stars.


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