Crystal’s Heart by B.L. Miller and Verda Foster

Such a beautiful story and exactly what I was needing to read right now.

Crystal is a survivor. She fled her abusive father and her alcoholic mother and started out on her own. Life has been tough and not without many dangerous hurdles but when she moves in with Laura, an uptight, neurotic writer she realises life is about to throw her another one of those hurdles. Falling in love with your polar opposite is never going to be easy for these two but when is love ever easy…

This story was written from both Crystal and Laura’s point of view and what a view they have. I felt so much love for Crystal from the beginning. She’s had a hard and abusive life but has came out the other end a survivor. She numbs the pain with weed and booze but when her and Laura are together it’s like she doesn’t need them as bad as Laura acts as her distraction.

The connection between Laura and Crystal is a slow burn and I actually really enjoyed that part of it as anything else would not have been believable, especially as Crystal is a survivor so any romantic entanglements would need to be a slow pace.

I did find at times the chapters ran on a little bit and maybe had to much information in them instead of getting to the point. I also would have loved an epilogue, maybe set five to seven years in the future with a clearer picture of what Laura and Crystals life had become.

I have a lot of respect for these authors taking what is a raw subject for many and turning it into a pager turner with a happy ending. This book it’s definitely one I’d pick up again in the future.

4 stars


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