You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon

Second chance romance don’t get more romantic than this…

Justine never understood why Maddie, after 3 happy years together, left her without an explanation. Justine has never really gotten over Maddie and still measures up every woman to her and even now, after ten years, she’s the only woman who she has really connected with. So when a mutual friends funeral comes along, she is pretty nervous about seeing her for the first time in ten years. Hoping this is a one-off, she braces herself and needs to get through the day but Maddie has other plans. She’s moved back to the area and she wants, at minimum, a friendship with Justine. But how can Justine ever trust her again?

This story was really fun to read, with a great premise and steady pace I really fell into the story from the get go. Clare Lydon has a way of making British Rom Com stories come to life and she certainly did with this one.

The book is written from Justine’s point of view and she really captures the reader’s attention with her inner battles about Maddie and how much after all these years she still harbors some feelings for her. I would have liked to have Maddie’s point of view as I think it would have added another element to the story and given a bit of contrast in Maddie and Justine’s differing personalities.

The connection between Maddie and Justine was written really nicely and left me really backing these two for a happy ending every time they interacted. I think most readers are going to love Justine but my affections in this book lean more to Maddie. She was a bit broken and had a hard few years. She was a good soul and needed someone to understand her and I love that that person was Justine and really always had been.

The sex scenes in this book were fantastic and left me a little hot under the collar but Clare Lydon knows how to not hold back when she is writing intimacy between protagonists.

I also enjoyed all the secondary characters but Kerry in particular stole my heart. The story wouldn’t have been the same without her contribution to her friend’s life and theirs to hers. She was such an inspirational character to read.

Another heart warming and fun romance from Clare Lydon. 4 stars


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