Pretending in Paradise by M. Ullrich

What a phenomenal book! It’s sexy, fun and rates up there with all my favourite reads… and have you seen the cover! It’s perfect for this story.

Emma Morgan is the best travel blogger there is and she knows it. However, when her reputation with women has caught up to her and has caused issues for the website, she is assigned Caroline Beckett, a PR specialist who will attend her latest vacation spot with her to review. The only problem is it’s a romantic couples retreat and to have access they must pretend to be together and it’s the last thing either of them want.

I actually loved this storyline. It was the fake girlfriend trope but with a great twist. The pacing was perfect as was the way M. Ullrich revealed the romance and built up, which was totally on point. The angst was on the low side which perfectly fit in with the way these characters were written and I actually think I enjoyed it more because of that. Sometimes too much or too little angst can put me off but this was perfect for the storyline.

I loved Emma’s character. Everything about her screams fun, relaxed and inviting. She just radiated sex appeal and I really wanted to be Caroline in this book just to hang out with her!

But what’s funny is that when I read the book the first time, Emma was 100% my favourite character and I was so excited to write this review to engage you all with her however, she wasn’t my favourite character by the second (and third) time I read it. Caroline was. Caroline is complex with a big heart, a sweet soul and she tends to be a little understated where she’s actually a powerhouse of emotion and bravery. I’m a little in awe of her actually… and maybe a little in love!

When you put the combination of Emma and Caroline together they shouldn’t work. Nope, not even one single bit but for some wild reason they do. They compliment each other beautifully (and don’t get me started on the sex). Well, let’s just say it’s explosive and the build up and foreplay between them is just heavenly! The chemistry was combustible and sexy as hell… just wow!

I really connected to this book on another level because Emma mirrored a lot of my feelings about my sexuality, so in many ways this book also made me feel validated! I actually shouted “Me Too” when she was explaining her sexuality to Caroline.

Lastly the epilogue in this book was everything… Get your tissues ready!!!

Fantastic book. Call in sick, make a cup of tea and read it all day long!

5 stars


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