Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey

I’ve been waiting for this story for while with bated breath and it did not disappoint.

Drew Davis moves to upstate New York after getting a job as head chef at a farm to table restaurant. This job is just a stepping stone to being head chef at a leading restaurant in New York so she can’t have any entanglements and needs to stay focused. If only she could get the the beautiful, Hannah Little out of her head. Hannah can’t help but be attracted to the flashy New York chef straight away but she has a good deal with the local restaurant by supplying them all her farm fresh fruit and veg. She doesn’t need to mess that up by being caught up in a fling with Drew but what if this could be more?

So here’s a few things that always get me excited when Aurora Rey publishes a new book… Firstly, I am guaranteed a hot butch with a sensitive side, this alone is a mssive tick. Secondly, I am guaranteed to throw any diet out the window because the books always have the most delectable descriptions of food that I immediately go on the hunt for – this time it was a BLT with a difference. And lastly, hot sex scenes that personally have added to my fanatsy list throughout the years! This book did not disappoint in any of those areas.

I really enjoyed the build up in this book and found that there was possibly more angst in this story than there has been before in Aurora Rey’s novels. I think it suited this story because there was an element of ‘will they, won’t they’ and then ‘will they make it work?’. Where as, normally I just know these characters are made for each other. Either Drew or Hannah needed to make a massive changed to their life plans for them to ever be together and I was nervous right until the end of how they could have each other and still have their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, this book has a beautiful happy ending but I felt like I worked for it as did the characters and I really enjoyed that. With that in mind, I think it shows how much Aurora’s strengths are growing with every book she writes and when I looked back and saw that I rated her first 5 stars, you can imagine what the future looks like for Aurora Rey and her books!

Like I said before, the sex scenes in Aurora Rey’s books play a big part in my love for her work. She just gets this reader and honestly, I get really excited when I reach those parts of her books. This book had a very unexpected but sexy element that I really enjoyed.

Before I finish up, I just want to mention the cover. It’s possibly my new favourite cover to date. Its clean and fresh with heaps of meaning about the book without ruining the mystery. I found out today it was created by Melody Pond, so wanted to acknowledge the on point design.

Honestly, between the love story, the food and the hot butch, I think I swooned so hard I fell off my bed. Another delicious (in more ways than one) book for Aurora Rey.

5 Stars


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  1. Hmm, any book with food is my favorite, while I’m reading it . This sounds very good. I love a softie touch with a Butch. I did take a moment to check to see if Aurora Rey had any Audibles since I drive a fair bit and listen to them while driving. Never have to turn on my leather heated seats that way . She has six. I will now have to give her my audible credits to check them out. Way to go Rach. Unfortunately this book is not one of them. Boo, Hiss. But I did like the cover of her book Built to Last. And after reading all the synopsis I’m already in trouble with Summer Cove. Nothing captures my tickle bone than adding kids into the fray. I’m in. Chat laters.