Ordinary is Perfect by D. Jackson Leigh

This was a lovely story. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Catherine is the next door neighbour and a close friend to Becki and her daughter, Gabe. When Becki dies unexpectedly, Catherine is forced into a co-parenting situation with Becki’s close cousin, Autumn. Catherine and Becki are polar opposites, from different backgrounds and different childhoods. Catherine is ex-Army hiding out in the country while trying to cope with her PTSD and Autumn is a hot shot city slicker who is taking the social media world by storm and doesn’t have plans to slow down. But they both loved Becki dearly so they have to make this work for Gabe.

The story is read from both Autumn and Catherine points of view. The pace was perfect and with very little angst, it made it the perfect light read that I know will sit on many of your re-read book shelves.

In the beginning I couldn’t see Autumn and Catherine being anything but together and madly in love. They were perfect for each other (even though they clearly didn’t agree) but with the tragedy of Becki and the reality of becoming parents to a teenager meant any idea of a relationship was on the back burner no matter how attached to one another they were. It was actually quite endearing how much they both looked after each other (including Gabe) and made me connect with them on a greater level. Gabe had lost her mother but gained two in the most beautiful of ways.

The chemistry between Catherine and Autumn was intense. Even when they were just fantasising or day dreaming about each other, there was a thrum of heat and passion; it was almost tangible. The sex scenes on top of that were explosive and sexy as hell with the undercurrent of tenderness and love. It was really beautiful to watch the love (and lust) between them unfold.

I would have liked more of an epilogue, maybe further in the future and with more displays of how life was going to work in their little family unit. I’d also love a follow up when Gabe is older and looking for love… Maybe with Angel? Gabe is future swoon material.

Also wanted to mention how much I loved the cover… I want that dog so much!

This was a great book to get lost in and I look forward to re-reading it again soon.

4 stars


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