Not the Marrying Kind by Jae

Fantastic story. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Ashley has always hidden in the proverbial closet. She likes it there, it’s safe and she isn’t hurting anyone. That is, until she finds out that her friend, Sasha is bisexual. Now she is seeing Sasha in a whole new light and with them working closely together on the wedding of the season for their mutual friends, it’s only a matter of time until sparks fly, especially because Sasha has always harboured a crush on Ashley. But with Ashley too scared to come out and Sasha not wanting to be anyone’s secret, it could never work… right?

This was really a great book. The pace was perfect, the chemistry between both protagonists was on fire and I really enjoyed the storyline. I loved Sasha and Ashley together. Even as friends they had something special going on. I also think the chemistry between Sasha and Ashley is possibly the best Jae has ever written. It was sexy while intimate and left this reader a little hot under the collar.

I absolutely adored that Holly and Leo from the first book in the Fair Oaks series, Perfect Rhythm were in this one too. In fact, Perfect Rhythm was where we were first introduced to Sasha and Ashley and honestly, I didn’t see Jae putting these two together. The community of friends they have in Fair Oaks that accept them is amazing and I really hope Jae continues to tell us more stories from the Fair Oaks Community… Who could be next?

5 stars

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