Falling by Kris Bryant

This book is just exceptional.
Shaylie has just survived a plane crash. She’s a little bit broken in places and she’ll heal but it’s shaken her life. In an attempt to get back to some normality, she meets Piper during a support group for survivors. Piper lost her best friend and her fiancée in the plane crash and she needs answers. Piper and Shaylie become fast friends and help each other heal. Shaylie begins to fall for Piper and the more time she spends with her she knows this woman could be the one…

I’m getting this feeling writing up this review. This story is extraordinary. I cried my way through it and it’s the best book Kris Bryant has ever written but it’s now my favourite Lesbian Fiction Book… Ever!
The pace of the book was perfect. The first chapter gave me chills as we enter the book just minutes before the crash. Kris Bryant’s descriptions during this scene were outstanding and boy did they cement my focus on the book. Next minute I knew, I was at the end and you certainly could see the track marks of my tears.

When it comes to characters Piper and Shaylie are soul mates. They just complement each other in every way and it’s just circumstance that they meet the way they do. I believe in my heart they would have met no matter what. The chemistry they have when they finally get together (this is a romance and Kris Bryant, we all know it happens) was palpable. I could feel it sizzling of the page.

The sex scenes blew my mind. There is one in particular that I think is Kris Bryant’s best ever sex scene. It was really well described and the actual scene was sexy, and hot as hell.

I can’t finish the review of this book without mentioning the epilogue because it’s everything. I have a tightening in my chest just thinking about how magical it was. If there was ever a book that finished with me knowing these protagonists not only make it but live happy ever after, this is the one.

A complete triumph and I know I haven’t done this book justice in the review but how could I when it’s my perfect book. Buy this book and make your heart happy people… it’s a must read!
An outstanding 5 stars

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