Never Enough by Robyn Nyx

Well, I was not expecting that… WOW!

Madison Ford is an awarding winner journalist. She’s reported some of the most terrifying news that happens all over the world, from foreign war to Trans rights. As a favour she interviews Elodie Fontaine, a famous actress who’s doing charity work as a humanitarian. Both women are immediately attracted to one another but when Madison becomes entangled in the story of the year related to a Human trafficking ring, their lives get more action than they were expecting.

This book was something else. At no point was I bored or skipping through pages. The pace was great and the segway from my usual romance novels to something with a bit of grit was really enjoyable.

Elodie was something else. The first chapter in the book had my mouth agape the entire time, talk about sex on legs! She was a walking, talking swoon. In saying that, I really liked Maddie. She was such a great character to read and I felt a real connection to her and her fierce need for independence. In the beginning I couldn’t imagine Elodie and Maddie together but by the halfway mark in the book I was really rooting for them.

The chemistry and sex scenes were explicit and unbelievably hot. More than that though, I really felt like Elodie and Maddie were connecting on another level during those scenes. It was like they had a higher level of intimacy.

For me there were times where the violence was a little much, however it never held me back for long and this book has definitely made me rethink some books I have passed up in the past due to the sub-genre.

If you love a thrill mixed with your romance, this is definitely the book for you. It’s already made it to the re-read shelf.

4 stars


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