Guest Review: Falling by Kris Bryant

Sometimes you come across a book when all you can say is “Wow”.

This is how I felt about Kris Bryant’s new book Falling. The 4 main characters met because of a plane crash. They bonded because of the crash and fell in love because of the crash. This is the best writing I have ever seen from Kris Bryant. The 1st chapter just sucked me in. It was raw and compelling. Ms. Bryant portrayed all of the terror and raw emotion that Shaylie felt before the plane crashed and how her world has been altered by this life changing event. Shaylie meets Piper at a survivors support group and become friends then lovers. The sparks fly. Piper and Shaylie are red hot. Some of the best love scenes Kris has ever written. The last couple of chapters are fabulous. Make sure you  have lots of kleenex.

5 Stars


If you would like to start Falling today you can buy buying a Mobi or ePub version from Bold Strokes Books (Link Below):

Bold Strokes Books

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