Game Night by Cassidy Storm

This was such a fun story to read!

Alyssa gets more than she bargained for when she attends her colleague Mia’s game night, and it really is down to you to decide as you are reading this whether you think she wins or loses! Alyssa’s crush on Mia gets harder and harder for her to keep secret for the night as well, which creates an air of tension between her and some of Mia’s friends, who really make it difficult for Alyssa to hide her feelings.

Mia and her friends really have a unique sense of humour with their game night, leaving little to the imagination and playing for high stakes. It was great reading about Alyssa’s experience of this truly spectacular night.

There are a lot of poker references but it all adds to the tension of the story, and giving the reader the experience as Alyssa truly experiences the games. A very interesting, fun, flirty, and sexy read that was very enjoyable.

5 Stars


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