Write Your Own Script by A.L. Brooks

What a fantastic story! Loved every minute of  it.

Tamsyn is a famous actress who has kept her sexuality a secret all through her fame and fortune. That is until she meets Maggie Cooper, the novelist who is staying at the same getaway location to get away from the world. The spark is there from the beginning but Tamsyn is reluctant to fall for a woman when she can’t give her what she deserves. But when the chemistry is indisputable and both women are at war with their feelings, it’s not going to be easy to walk away at the end of the break.

This was the first book to read by A.L. Brooks and as with every new author, I go in with trepidation but I adored this story. It was fantastic from start to finish. The pace was perfect, the characters were well  developed and entirely believable and best part was the lovely storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I loved Tamsyn, she had such a complex identity but hadn’t become tainted by her fame. She still enjoyed the simple things while out of the limelight. I felt sorry for her as  she had to hide in the closet and deny her sexuality but she made a choice and sure was sticking to it. Until Maggie. Oh, Maggie… if there ever was a woman to sweep Tamsyn off her feet it was Maggie. I think I fell for Maggie a little by the end of the book. She is so warm and caring while being effortlessly sexy and smart as a whip. Tamsyn never stood a chance really.

The sex scenes were hot and so very sexy… quite the awakening for both characters. Their chemistry was off the chart in and out bed but they also had a sweetness to them at times too that made their connection even more intimate and about more than sex.

I absolutely loved it. I’m really hoping Tamsyn’s agent, Carmen gets her own story (she so needs to jump the fence) because I want more from all these characters…
5 stars


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