The Road To Madison by Elle Spencer

I basically started this story lying in bed one morning and didn’t put it down (or leave the house) until I finished it. I was entranced from the first chapter and hung on every word until it was finished. 

Ana and Madison were madly in love when they were teenagers. But when Madison’s father puts a stop to their relationship they are both left heart broken with no one ever quite measuring up to each other. When Madison’s father dies they bump into each other at the funeral and chemistry and love bubbles back to the surface. But can they ever really be together when the past still haunts them? 

This book gave me all the feels. Elle Spencer is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. She transports me into the story and I feel like I’m living vicariously through the characters. The pace was perfect, especially for this love story. It gave the reader the time to understand the characters and their past and why they were so cautious. 

The book is written in the present but there are flashbacks to the relationship Maddie and Anna have as teenagers. The love they feel as kids is so potent that you understand the degree of heart break they both went through. Maddie and Ana are the very definition of soul mates. They complete each other and their second chance at being together is so beautiful. I mean don’t get me wrong Elle Spencer makes you work for it as they navigate their feelings but at no point do you question their love. It’s at the forefront from the first chapter.

The love scenes were intimate while hot and passionate. Even as teenagers the tentative touches and exploration was written beautifully. 

The secondary characters were so important in this story and I think I bonded with them… well, the nice ones anyway. Especially Kris and Scott whom I just loved every time they got page time. I’m kinda hoping Kris gets her own love story… she certainly deserves it.

All in all this was a fantastic story! 

5 stars


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