As the Crow Flies by Karen F. Williams

What a fabulous book. It has some of the best story telling I have ever read, I simply couldn’t get enough.

This story follows the love story of two couples. Sam Weller, famous Novelist and the older Gwen Laraway. They meet over an antique book end that Sam is looking for the matching end. They find each other alluring from the beginning but between Gwen thinking she’s too old and a series of odd events happening that are keeping them apart, it was a rollercoaster ride for these two. A much slower romance is Liz and Isabel. Liz is related to Sam through marriage and comes with her on her quest to find the other book end. When Liz see’s Gwen’s niece, Isabel for the first time, all her casual relationship ways fall out the window as she can’t stop thinking about Isabel and wants much more than a meaningless fling. Isabel is so sweet and innocent she seems not to be seeing Liz’s affections for more than friendship but as time wears on we see that Isabel is just acting as a novice in love.

This book is so brilliantly written with great pacing and such interesting and enchanting characters. I was transfixed from the very beginning. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to read this authors works.

I enjoyed both romances thoroughly and kept thinking what a fantastic series this book would make. Sam and Gwen ticked my age-gap romance box big time. I enjoyed their conversations and how in tune they were. I have to say though that my favourite romance was between Isabel and Liz. I reckon those two were supposed to find each other no matter what. Isabel’s naivety and innocence really drove their story and I loved the way Liz became so protective over her even though normally Liz would normally be the aggressor in a relationship.

There is a scene where Isabel shows up at Liz’s door unexpectedly and it’s my favourite scene in the whole book because it funny, upsetting, endearing and gave me the butterflies all at once. Anyway, I digress…

All in all, this is a fabulous book and I would love for it to have a sequel. More please!

5 stars


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