Playing Passions Game by Lesley Davis

What a fantastic story!

Trent loves computer gaming. She works for a games store near her home, she plays games online with friends at weekends and competes in gaming competitions with her team. Her life is gaming and that suits Trent just fine. Until she meets Juliette… Then everything changes. She doesn’t do entanglements but she can’t stop thinking about Juliette. Trent doesn’t want the heart ache that Juliette could bring but she also can’t help herself either.

Honestly, I was reading Playing with Fire and then I released that this book is a series. So, I swiftly put it down and started the first book in the series, Playing Passions Game. Thank goodness I did because it’s such a wonderful story line. The book is written from both protagonist’s point of view which I love. The story is quick and not much angst which again was right up my street.

I absolutely love Trent. She’s the epitome of sexy for me. She’s butch, sweet, a game nerd and cares about everyone in her life. She’s amazing and honestly, I hope she continues to be a part of each of the following books in the series. Juliette complimented her in every way and I think what I loved most was she gave Trent the comfort and love to be who she was without pushing her into something she isn’t. It was all one major swoon.

The chemistry between Trent and Juliette was magnificent and really added a whole other sexy level to their intimacy. The sex scenes were written incredibly well while still being extremely hot.

The secondary characters were also fantastic. I really adored the chemistry and comradery between the set of friends. Also, how much they all support each other. They gave me the feels when they talked about how they care for and support each other.

If this is a taster of the series, then I am 100% on board!

Loved it. 5 stars


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