Smile Number Seven by Melissa Price

Such a great novel and so easy to read and enjoy.

Katarina Verralta is a movie star who has lived her life in the closet. She scores big roles in big budget films but is scared it would all disappear if she told the world she was gay. Caught in an unexpected storm, she pulls into a diner and meets the owner, Julia Dealing. Julia is stunning and Katarina can’t help herself. They fall into an intoxicating romance but can either one of them really be happy in a relationship that is in the shadows? Keeping each other a secret?

Such a great story and I demolished it in one go. The story is told from both Katrina and Juliette’s point of view, which in this case I think was very important to do, especially with the ups and downs from both sides. The pace was perfect and gave enough at the end that I felt the characters got their happy ever after.

This book has a few great tropes but my favourite is the age-gap romance. It really added a lovely extra element to the story. I loved Julia’s character best. She was so loving and forthright. The idea of this beautiful creature being hidden in the closet was just damn sad, but don’t you worry, she holds her own.

I think my favourite part of this book was the lack of angst and the story was also not drawn out. We know the feelings between both characters are strong from pretty early on. This made me enjoy the story even more because I could just fall into an enjoyable love story.

4.5 stars

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