Playing In Shadow by Lesley Davis

This series is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Bryce has had a terrible car accident on the way home from a party. She is the only survivor and is scarred emotionally and physically by the ordeal and feels she may never be the same again. That is until she meets Scarlet. Scarlet is working for her dad as a painter and decorator alongside Bryce. She is instantly attracted to her and wants to get to know her. Both Scarlett and Bryce are navigating personal issues. Scarlett is steering her career as an artist and not wanting to be the next air to the construction dynasty. While Bryce still has her internal turmoil and nightmares from the crash. Together they help each other realise their potential, and they begin to fall in love.

I adore this series. How did I not read this before? This book is the sequel to Playing Passions Game. Juliette and Trent from book one are still heavily cast in this book and we even get to read things from their point of view which I was super excited about. I would highly recommend reading Playing Passions Game before reading this book for continuity. This story doesn’t have any drag time, and in fact, the pace was pretty perfect. This book also doesn’t have a heap of angst, which is a mirrored style throughout the series so far. It’s one of the main reasons I love this book so much and the whole series.

I loved Bryce. What a sweetheart she was and honestly, Scarlett and Bryce were soul mates from their first interaction. Watching them begin to trust one another to then supporting each other’s needs when life got tough was so beautiful, I enjoyed watching them fall in love. Also, the sex scenes blew me away. I think the build-up to the sex scenes was probably the best part, they were HOT!

I also loved that Bryce had visible scars and not just emotional ones. I think physical scars made this book more real and it made the story feel more intense. And even with her injuries, she was such a sexy character to read.

I’m about to start the third book in the series Playing with Fire. So look out for that review coming soon.
5 stars

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