Playing with Fire by Lesley Davis

Takira’s whole world is her very successful restaurant. However that world comes crumbling down when her trusted manager takes off with money from the restaurant, and then to make things worse Takira’s sister dies, leaving her nephew behind. Now Takira’s needs to manage a restaurant back into the black while jumping in as a full-time parent. Life has become hectic, that is until Dante Groves walks into her restaurant and has all the skills she needs to replace her manager. Their working relationship is fantastic. Dante also knows more about kids than Takira does and Takira is more than slightly attracted to Dante, but if she pursues her and it goes wrong, she could lose everything all over again. Is it worth the risk?

I’m hoping this isn’t the last book in the series because I have really got invested in these characters. I’d even like a story from Juliette’s young sisters’ point of view because I can see she’s already a mini Trent, all butch and sensitive. Anyway, onto the review for the third book in the Playing Series, Playing with Fire.

I enjoyed the storyline of this book. Takira and Dante have chemistry bubbling away underneath the surface from the very beginning. The romance between them isn’t as quick as it was in the other books however, I think that was understandable with Takira having her young Nephew living with her. Also, the fact Dante was so invested in the restaurant and Takira’s Nephew, I don’t think their romance couldn’t be rushed.

I would have liked more from Scarlett and Bryce from the second book. Their scenes just seemed like glimpses instead of real scenes. I would have enjoyed Juliette and Trent’s POV like in book two. I think it would have made the series seamless having the first protagonists POV through the series.

I do, however, love that all the secondary characters have been followed through the entire three books. Mainly because with every book, their little Playing makeshift family becomes more significant and stronger… and Maybe more diverse!

My favourite parts of the books were when Takira, Dante and Takira’s Nephew, Finn, acted like a family. Dante made me swoon with all her butchness but also her fantastic sweetness when it came to Finn.

I’m desperately hoping for book four to come out soon!!

4 stars


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