Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson

This was so good!

My first experience reading anything by Wendy Hudson, and I was completely blown away with how amazing this story was. It took up a storyline I haven’t read in this genre before, and I found it refreshing, and realistic, to really capture my attention, and really draw me into the story as if I were in it with the characters.

I loved the fast, intricate, engaging plot, and the complex characters, and the twists, all absolutely brilliant! Main character Darcy, I have so much respect for her, and all she has been through. She finds herself mistrusting, and unlucky in love, as a stalker plays havoc with her life. Luckily, she has Anja, her best friend to support her, and to rely on, but she wants so desperately to be in love, and happy.

Meeting Eilidh gives her hope this might be a possibility, but in a way only life can, everything keeps getting in there way of meeting up again, having a date, and seeing if they are compatible. You really have to admire Darcy for not giving up hope, and because she is just the sweetest, most trusting woman, and she goes through one hell of an ordeal in hope of what she seeks for love.

The story was completely gripping. Combining romance and mystery, with darker elements really worked well to deliver an intense experience for the reader. I started reading, expecting a girl meets girl, falls in love story, but found a dark twist, and adventure waiting for me. I genuinely couldn’t have been happier. I got so engrossed in this story, and seeing it from more than just Darcy’s point of view really gave the story that deeper edge to fascinate me further. Completely invested at every turn of the page, and truly struggled to put this book down because I was so eager for the revelations, and outcome of how it would all come together.

I definitely recommend reading this thrilling romance. It will literally have you on the edge of your seat, keeping you guessing, with all the obscurities that have you, and Darcy questioning everyone around her. When a simple act turns into an exciting action-packed race to uncover the truth before a stalker goes too far!

5 Stars

Reviewed by Carol Hutchinson from Lesbireviewed

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