The woman at the Edge of Town by Georgette Kaplan

After her father dies, Sarah leaves college and moves home to be with her mother. She works at a supermarket as a casual employee and helps in her mother’s florist store when she can. Also, her boyfriend wants much more than she can emotionally give so life is just a bit crap for Sarah at the moment. When she witnesses a crash and helps the owner of the vehicle, she doesn’t expect it to be the town hermit and millionaire, Nina Rose. Nina Rose offers her a job as her gardener and they become friends which develops into more, romantically.
This book was not what I was expecting. It’s so charming in many places and then incredibly sexy and hot in others. I did find the pace lagging a little in some instances, and more than once, I wished I could jump to the next chapter.

The connection between the main protagonists was strong and the chemistry was there from the beginning. I liked how Sarah began to open up more about her sexuality with Nina and owning her wants and needs in the bedroom more as the book progressed. The sections with BDSM sex scenes between Sarah and Nina were written well and it was really good to see a woman (Nina) taking what she wants but asking permission first. It made me warm to Nina even more.
I did, however, find that there was quite a lot left unsaid between the characters in the book and honestly, I thought the ending was rushed. I would have like a little more of an in-depth epilogue but if you follow my blog you know how much I love an epilogue.

This all being said I did enjoy the majority of the book and if it were the first in a series or a sequel I’d probably be rating it higher.
3 Stars


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